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John Hawkins

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LaTeX saves lives. News at 11.

My resolve is strengthening. Or, more accurately, my feelings towards my present situation are improving steadily. This is generally something that parallels increased resolve, in my life. Resolve, I think, must be observed indirectly lest one risk blindness. I'm putting my 592 project aside for the next couple of days. It's time to focus on designing quake II levels. How cool is my research, I ask you? :) "Well, John, you need to go familiarize yourself with WorldCraft, and then figure out how to do node based navigation. I'll be out of town next week. Have fun." Working for Laird kicks ass. And I've decided to call in those rain checks for drinks with Christy and Melanie (separate rain checks...). Getting off my ass mentally is going to require getting off my ass socially I think. Realized this as I was about to fall asleep last night. Opened up a quick xemacs session and took a memo. :) Yet another proof that (x)emacs (with viper, of course) is the solution to all of mankind's ills. ALL. Damn the man. Hell, FUCK the man.

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