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John Hawkins

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Well. The oscars party was fun. I like Bart and Liz' crowd. Kinda the opposite side of the spectrum from my HS crowd, but nice people with good senses of humor none the less. Laird and Liz made great snacks themed on the best picture nominees, which was fun. Special props for the Traffic quesadillas. Mmmm... I was deeply amused by the complete lack of expression/emotion from absolutely everyone connected with gladiator. What fun that must have been to film. </facetious> I was totally stoked to see Hansen win sup. Actress. She was fabulous. I felt Harris ought to have had the award in his category as well, but the academy will out. Damn the man. Bless Bjork. Dancer was fairly dark, as advertised, but it sure was original. much work to much time spent slacking. Feh.

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