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I have several new favorite things. But first, I want to comment that my friend who sent me the rugs is awesome, and I love them (the person and the rugs). Once it's appropriate, I will post pictures of the newly decorated place. Don't hold your breath, though, as there are weeks of work between here and there.

Anyway, favorite things. First of all, the best screensaver ever. Documentation sucks, but it's the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time that didn't have a heartbeat. I am totally seriously considering increasing the priority of getting a nice large flat panel video display for my living room where at least 50% of the motivation would be to display electric sheep on a larger surface during parties. Alternatively I might get an HD projector and keep one of my walls white. It's just that good. And it's TOTALLY FREE. Note: You'll have to let it run overnight (or two) before it gets cool. Be patient. I seriously thought it was broken for the first 24 hours or so, but I was too busy to 'fix' it, which is good since that would have been misguided.

Second of all, and this is even more geeky, because you have to use linux to care, I am in love with abcde and mpd/mpc. These were recommended to me by evan, and unsurprisingly they are amazing.

abcde is a linux CD-ripping script that weaves together things like cdparanoia to make cd ripping absolutely utterly painless. (Word to the wise: make sure you have DMA enabled with hdparm if applicable. Once I figured this out, ripping took approximately 5% as long. No that's not a typo.)

mpc is the commandline interface to mpd, which means that anywhere, everywhere, in the middle of my thought process hacking through a file, I can rattle off a command like "mpc clear; mpc add Ni<tab>; mpc play" and suddenly I'm listening to The Downward Spiral. And that's a complicated example. I can bind that shit to keystrokes, too, because it's JUST AN INTERFACE. So clean!

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