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Past due for an exhibitionist update (and a bid at the I'm Feeling Lucky hit for YAVS*).

After a "break" in which I had an actual weekend at my disposal, I spent a week actually writing code (gasp!) at work for once, which was really quite refreshing. I've also been playing with ubuntu and ion3, and I'm a huge fan of both. </geek>

Then I drove down to Santa Barbara with Mo and Ed to participate in my dear friends' wedding. It was a simply fabulous time. To begin with, it was the first time my whole draw group has been in one room for at least a year or two, and god do I miss that (see also my last post). We were all up on stage, too, as the wedding party was draw group, siblings, siblings spouses, and a couple of close childhood friends. Adam officiated, which worked out nicely since not only was he a kickass officiant, but it brought perfect symmetry to the assembled (okay, the endgeek may have been jumping the gun -- while you're down there, shoes, etc.)

I was feeling pretty much as attractive as I've felt all year, to the nines in a tuxedo, on display front and center, and surrounded by people who like me. There are worse ways to spend an evening, I can tell you that right now. On top of which I wound up having a fantastic time flirting and dancing with the illustrious Amy Rose** (told ya). Frustrated that the evening had to end where it did, but I was driving all the way back to Ventura, and not just for my own benefit. Note to self: the wedding costs what it costs, quit trying to fucking cut corners.

At least I showed up this time. But still, lesson learned.

Came back to my work computer totally asshosed by god only knows what and utterly unusable. Had to reinstall my operating system. There goes Monday. But then I had a really cool evening with S&S and went to sleep totally content. And chased that with getting DSL installed (finally!) so I'm writing from a real honest-to-god internet connection in my own home. No more living-room war-driving for me! Now I just need to figure out how to wire my ethernet through the house.

Oh, speaking of the house, Dr. Love managed to find a plethora of gorgeous turkish rugs and tapestries which will be arriving soon. Then I will choose coordinated paint colors and buy another couch. It's on, yo.

And then I went in to work for two whole hours of actual physical presence (I spent the morning hacking over an ssh tunnel -- blowx0rs), and dashed back to check out Foreign Cinema with virginwolf and chase that with Ti Couz 10, white chocolate Suzette, and port back on my couch. I managed to wake up enough to see her to a taxi (yeah, I'm awesome company on weeknights) and then return to update LJ. And now, see John, see John pass the fuck out.

* Yet Another Vanity Search -- Yes, I know where your mind went, and you're dirty. God knows, too. You heard me.
** Photo courtesy of my friend Adrian, who took some sweet shots of the gathering

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