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I went and saw a rather San Francisco specific arthouse film last evening. It was, I thought, a pretty illuminating depiction of addiction. And a really unusual storytelling format that I found compelling, although not especially smooth. The movie was, in fact, quite jarring both in its pacing and presentation and also in its material content. If it's playing in your area and you have a strong stomach for emotionally unpleasant situations (to say nothing of sexually distasteful*) I recommend going to check it out. Don't go alone, though. I think that might be kind of depressing. I got the sense we were the only people in the theater laughing -- the movie was quite darkly funny early on, though by the end my laughter was largely a shield between me and the horror of this guy's life.

Also I went to the doctor. My knee will be fine, but I don't get to go running for at least another week, and possibly more. Blah. Maybe I'll start doing situps and pushups or something in the interim. Almost any cardio is out because I can't move my knee actively if I don't want to re-aggravate the bruised bone. Wonderful. And then when I do start running again, I'm supposed to start with like a mile, and then work very gradually back up so that in case it flares back up, I'll get early warning instead of just sending myself back to zero. ::sigh:: Joint injuries eat ass. Maybe I'll go for a _walk_ in the Presidio this weekend or something. virginwolf, you feeling ambitious? ;)

* Dear god who the hell makes those noises? Those are not human orgasm noises. No.

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