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Random Encounters of the Home Kind

Having brunch today I noticed a girl standing in the line outside who looked just like my friend Jolene Searles from...well...K-12. I went out and said hello, and of course it was Jolene. She lives here, now, apparrently. Craziness. So I guess that's another coffee date for the card. Fun fun. And with a gorgeous pair of blue eyes, which is never a bad thing. I'll leave this entry public so that maybe I can yet again make the top spot on a vanity search. I'm not on the first _page_ for my own name, last I checked, but what the hell.

Also this weekend:

  • Kristin was in town, which rocked, as always.

  • Neil's birthday was great, and we had izakaya style Japanese food. I may drag my parents to the same kind of deal for my birthday on Wednesday, because it ruled.

  • Davey's birthday was much fun, we ate good cheese and watched River and Kaylee. Yum.

  • Best. Hike. Evar. We went to the Black Diamond Mines, and I had lunch, as I had hoped, on top of a high ridgeline with a 360 view half of the east bay, and half of Jurassic fucking Park. And the weather reports predicted hail and rain, so of course we had a full day of gorgeous sunshine. ::sighs happily:: Klein's Deli is awesome. My friends are awesome. Nature? That's right! Also awesome!

  • House hunting in Noe Valley. Cool places. Saw one I really liked, but I don't think I'll have my shit together before it goes off the market. S'okay. I'm confident other places will present themselves. Saw one other I liked nearly as much, but it was a bit above my target price and not as je ne sais qua. Had Klein's again. =)

  • Dinner with "Sweenah!" at my favorite Ethiopian place, and then drinks at the pub down the block, where I ran into a cute co-worker who recommended an even better place I'll have to try some time.

  • So...yeah...really goddamn good weekend.

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