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Vienna Teng

I finally picked up the two albums currently available from Vienna Teng. For those of you unfamiliar with her work, I highly recommend you check out her second album. I wasn't floored by Waking Hour, though it's nice enough, but her sophomore album, Warm Strangers, is really outstanding. I love the message, the music, and the tone. As an added bonus, many of her songs are outstanding for waltz or cross-step foxtrot.

This makes me really happy, because she was actually a classmate of mine at Stanford, and better yet, she's a hax0r. She just also happens to be a phenomenal vocalist and pianist. And this disc is really not the sort of thing you expect to hear coming from one of your college friends. I feel entirely vindicated for having a crush on her my Sophomore year. Called that one!


In other news, I'm looking at making San Francisco a more permanent home, which is both scary and exciting. At some point, I stopped living in SF, and started thinking of it as home. Maybe one day Oregon will be home again. But right now, and for years to come, I'm going to be a San Franciscan (shout out to MC Frontalot). Hoping to find a place somewhere in the Mission Dolores area. I went for a long walk through the neighborhood on Saturday, and felt completely at peace with the idea of living there for the next N years. Noe or Cole Valley would be awesome, too, but I really need the shuttle proximity right now, and I can walk to Noe from Dolores anyway, so whatever. Plus, yo, Mission district and Dolores Park == so goddamn hot right now.

Alright. Now I need to figure out how to pass a boolean. Which is probably about as much fun as it sounds, in this case.

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