John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

Another observation about running. I've noticed these last couple of weeks that there is a great deal more world when you are on foot. It's something I had peripherally noticed when hiking, but you can't drive through the Big Basin trail, really, so the point is nearly moot. But the interesting thing is that when I was first starting to run, I ran along the streets. I ran the places I knew because I'd driven there. When it finally started to occur to me that, "hey, I could go over there, nobody would probably mind, I don't leave tire tracks or destroy bushes", I started to explore places I didn't really know existed. No tunnels or white rabbits, but all the same...

Today I went running out through the Intuit office park, and saw the people who make Quicken tick gathering for a holiday party, clad in greens and reds and white fuzzy hats, and toting little children and trailing rosy-cheeked spouses. There was something beautiful about that.

Also it rained a little today. Man I love running in the rain.

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