John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

Running in the rain

Today I went for a run, and it was raining. The rain varied from a drizzle to a moderate downpour, though it was never really heavy. The regular running thing has been making me very happy and proud of myself when I do it, which is at least every other day now. It would be more, but work has been so busy that sometimes I just don't have that many spare minutes at a stretch.

Anyway, running in the rain was awesome. I went and explored the area out by the new SGI campus. I ran for significantly longer than I usually have of late, I suspect because the rain helped regulate my body temperature. I hope I'll have more chances to run in the rain this winter. I'm very glad I've been keeping up with running in general, too. It boosts my energy and focus a lot, and I feel...::shrugs::...more attractive, more healthy. I'm eating better, at the same time. Lots of No Name Cafe and less food per meal. It's easier to eat less when I'm more active. I find that counter-intuitive, but it's always been true. I doubt I've actually lost any weight thus far, and that's certainly part of my goal in the long run. But just the fact that I'm successfully making an effort that's lasted longer than a week makes me really proud.

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