John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins



I got another round of invites. More than I will ever conceivably
need. If you have a FRIEND who would like a gmail account, I will
seriously consider hooking them up. To generalize the old rule, if I
don't know you well online, I won't give you an account. If I don't
know you at least passingly in person, I won't give your friends
accounts. Unless you are named Sylvia, in which case the fact that I
don't know you in person is a cruel consequence of geography alone.
(And for that matter, I miss our late night conversations, lady.)

I realize there are people already in the 'queue' here, but if I
haven't already given you an account, send me a new EMAIL or just
RESPOND with the following in the body (feel free to respond like a
survey--I get lj mail to my gmail account, now, so it's a convenient
way to get your info where I need it).

First Name:
Last Name:
Current Email Address:

(And if I don't already know the person in question) Who are they and
why should I give this stranger an account?

If you just see this and would like an account, you can make a case
for why I should make an exception for you personally. I'll give you
serious consideration. I mean I have a LOT of invites at this

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