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extreme geek post

If you don't care about magic, run screaming. In fact, if you DO care about magic, seriously consider the running, screaming plan. It's a good plan.

I rethought the 'complete sets of everything' plan. I realized that the correct solution is just to not have thousands of dollars on a service that often sucks, when I could maintain like a couple hundred dollars of stock online, and have a very happy dual collection so I could play at the cardshop occasionally.

The main decks I play these days only dabble in the IPA cards I collected. I finally realized that converting my 4xIPA would require me to replace all of five (FIVE) cards online. The rest are not IPA (which is part of why I was stupidly planning on eventually getting full sets of everything and converting them all offline). I'm embarassed it took me this long to realize how little I would really be getting out of that. I'm just not enough of a collector, IPA block aside (god how I love IPA block), to justify owning all the cards available. It's not that expensive to buy singles, especially by comparison. Yes sets are easier to sell, but who the fuck am I kidding? Sell? Yeah, right. And it's not hard to offload Leonin Shikaris, if you know what I'm saying. So anyway, I decided to a) once and for all end my worry about when I should convert my sets, and b) enjoy playing both online and offline.

The new plan, already implemented, is to

1) Convert all the IPA sets over. This will be done as soon as the store comes back online (the reason this is all coming up when it is).
2) Replace the five dual lands I'll lose in the process. Trivial. And again, this will happen once it's actually possible.
3) Buy the core of my deck base (24 multilands of various sorts and 4 Wakes) offline.
4) While I'm at it, buy the new darksteel 'module' I want to play with.

If you made it this far, you might be interested in seeing what I will be receiving in the mail tomorrow.

I'm completely jazzed. It's making it hard to focus on anything, which is why I'm writing this (redundant with my email to majestros). I'm hoping that if I vent enough, I can put it out of my mind for 24 hours.

And yes, it's a childish casual deck designed for 2hg or emperor, and is basically an excuse to (::types one-handed::) run skullclamp and the swords in the same deck. This does not bother me. Anyone who has played with me online will be unsurprised by this revelation.

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