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Fountains of Wayne

I just picked up a second album of Massive Attack (and if it's even a shadow of Mezzanine, bully), and the new Fountains album. And this Fountains CD just makes me immensely happy. I need to track down a copy of the old one. (If you've never heard of FoW, they did the title song for Tom Hanks' That Thing You Do. That's not real representative, though.) I bothered to post, maybe I should say something there anything worth noting? Probably. I find myself in a snowball of reinforcing decisions. I'm tired of preparing for life, and so I'm looking to start it. That means that at this precise moment, I am not on the path, but jumping from one moving car to another. And the part where I'm up in the air, that part's pretty scary, even though both cars are probably pretty safe. So I'm constantly full of anxiety. I worry, actually, that the latter may be a separate and serious problem that I should converse with someone about, but it'll have to wait it's turn. And maybe once life is a little more resolved, that'll diminish or pass. Here's hoping.

Anyway, although scary, life is very good. My house is...well, I'm not staying, so why dwell on it. Many interesting stories acquired for the road, and that's gotta be worth something, right?

I watched 2fast2furious tonight. I'm not proud of that, but there it is. It was about on a level with the first one, in my opinion. If you want brain candy for boys with minimal violence, it's a good place to start. I was in a good mood for it, as luck turned out, so I didn't hate the two hours it took. It was, once again, free. I think my ability to enjoy crap increases dramatically when costs drop to nil.

I also went, by myself, to see Love Actually on Friday. And if you want a solid chick flick, it's better than the others I've seen lately. I won't compare it to Notting Hill yet, because I've seen the latter like 18 times, so I'm not ready to do Love Actually justice in comparison. But I definitely liked it.

What else? Double Dash in like a week. I had dinner with Mom at Evvia this last week. I have the best parents in the world, and I love them completely. I probably don't say that often enough, but I try. Because, seriously, they're perfect parents. And I can't imagine that's easy or normal.

Spent a lot of time with old college friends last weekend. Was refreshing, and reminded me just how much I am surrounded by friends out here. It is easy to forget, sometimes. And then again yesterday, more of that. And I don't just mean the draw group. Turns out if you return to the area of your alma mater, people come out of the woodwork. Wierd.

And now it's almost 1 AM. Every night, I look at the clock at like 11:30, and think "yes, tonight I will behave sensibly". I am rarely correct. RAREly.

Well, I'll leave you with that. My current political leanings can be seen by close examination of Richard's LJ if you care about such things. I'll spare you that particular rant for the moment. I hope to god we get a plausible Democrat on the stand in 2004, because we need to win this particular fight. The war doesn't depend on it entirely, but the alternative...isn't good.

In parting,

"Stacy's mom has got it going on,
she's all I want, and I've waited for so long
Stacy can't you see, you're just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Stacy's mom."


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