John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

Something I felt I needed to share, here. I should first point out that we have had a running mice problem for quite some time, now. Messages on the dry erase board often include such things as "Clean up your dishes! Mice are shitting in them! Look for yourselves!" A source of debate has long been how best to deal with the problem, and humane mouse traps have been our choice so far, but with limited success (they can often get out of the humane traps, cheese in hand). We recently bolted fine grain chain fences to the apertures of the oven, after learning they were climbing the oven to get to the counters. Finally, Pardo snapped and bought some lethal mouse traps (reusable) for the house. The next day, I found the dry erase board like this, and in context, I thought it was pretty fucking funny.

Our dry erase board in the kitchen.

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