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CD's and vi

Two things to say before I go home and watch my rental, 'Almost Famous'.

One, I bought four CD's last week, all sound tracks: Snatch, High Fidelity, Good Will Hunting, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. THEY ALL KICK ASS. I think this is the first time I have bought more than one CD at a time and not had at least one be mediocre or complete crap. Very cool.

Two, I really must learn vi/vim. I have played with it a little and I am very excited by the way it feels. I'm a huge emacs fan, and have no plans of renouncing it as a faith, but I suspect there is room in this pantheon for two gods (and damn the masses!). Perhaps that will be a good side project (read: excuse to procrastinate) this summer. Woo! I should comment here that as obsessed as Brad is with coding, I am with understanding and exploiting my tools. If I had a little more ability to focus, I'd actually contribute to some of their development. GCC in particular would be a worthy use of my time. Or for that matter making GDB compliant with GCC 3.0. But I digress.

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