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Transitions from Bad to Good

Well I'll be damned...I tried listening to wcbn again, and it just worked. Sweet action.

Liberty Street Video had a giant sign in their window advertising:


Six Movies, Six Nights, Six Dollars.

I need to put that and this to use in tandem, I'm thinking. That or get frickin' netflix. Not thrilled about having both netflix AND cable, though...grr...I think I might just ignore that problem, because I don't want to deal with it.

I feel really fucking good. Seriously. I've been riding high ever since around five seconds after my temperature most recently leveled out at 98.6. Today I took a brief blow to my good spirits when I ran into my former dance partner, TOTALLY FROZE UP, and made an utter ass of myself. I owe her an apology, and the best I could muster was small talk. Fucking A. But the reality is that's a fairly minor problem in the greater scheme of things. Other than that five minute fiasco, today wound up being very cool. I got up on five hours sleep, and drove over to drop off my car at the auto shop for a tune up. Borrowing my freind's discount card, I spent all of $7, and my car feels actively happier under me. Heartwarming. Since it's a full service shop, they couldn't get to my car right away, so I walked downtown, and had lunch/coffee at a deli, sorted out some insurance issues on which re-registering my car is predicated, finished up the paper for Kieras (still have much work to do on the paper with Laird, but that's a bigger task, so I'm dealing with it last. Focus focus), and outlined the plot for a novel. Then I packed up my things and walked around, eventually got over to Borders where I picked up Dave Barry's new novel and the complete works of Lewis Carroll...very excited about those. Also I ran into my former dance partner. Bleh. I felt like a total dick. Probably with good reason. It's done now, though.

Then I walked back and got my car, and drove to the hair salon and got a haircut. A good day, and it's not even 5.

Plans for today? Well, I think I'll try to actually do some work on the other paper, and talk to people on the phone. If I heard Fish right on his show, Pardo's playing tonight? If so, I'm totally going to that. We'll see.

I smiled at a lot of strangers to-day. Many of them were cute and female. I need to wander aimlessly around on foot on a more regular basis. It is good for my spirits. I need to run into the few people I have TOTALLY SHAFTED less often. It is not.

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