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Talking to Blind People

(01:08:34) planiturthian: what homework?
(01:09:40) HolyGolightly82: answering questions for a book we read in ASL
(01:09:45) HolyGolightly82: it's damn good, called "train go sorry", you might like it
(01:10:03) planiturthian: a book you read in ASL...
(01:10:19) planiturthian: that's....just...dumb
(01:10:30) planiturthian: That's like listening to brail
(01:10:43) HolyGolightly82: er, what?
(01:11:04) planiturthian: you know. brail. the dots on the restroom signs for blind people
(01:11:09) HolyGolightly82: yeah, i know
(01:11:19) HolyGolightly82: i guess i don't get the connection. it's like one of those SAT questions.
(01:11:58) planiturthian: "talking about love, is like singing about architecture"
(01:12:24) HolyGolightly82: precisely.
(01:12:25) planiturthian: it's not quite analogous
(01:12:32) planiturthian: it's just equally ridiculous
(01:12:58) planiturthian: Reading a book in a language you speak with your body makes about as much sense to me as listening to a language you read with your fingers
(01:13:25) HolyGolightly82: ... no. read for class. not in ASL literally.
(01:13:31) planiturthian: ohhhhh
(01:13:34) HolyGolightly82: *cracks up*
(01:13:50) planiturthian: nowww, she's with me

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