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Googlism for John would be retarded, and Hawkins is just too generic, but Hawk, now THAT gets some fine results:

Googlism for: hawk

hawk is destiny
hawk is hungry and other
hawk is requested by his kids to grow up
hawk is soooo cool
hawk is illegally shot
hawk is a paradigm for
hawk is now 100%
hawk is 100%
hawk is in nc
hawk is responsible for failing grades all over
hawk is dying by harry crews
hawk is hawk
hawk is at dock in yokosuka
hawk is done march 2002*
hawk is an ess?
hawk is sneaking past the sleeping people
hawk is on a roll by jim lenahan jlenahan@courier
hawk is hungry and other stories d'arcy mcnickle
hawk is back
hawk is the most common hawk seen in these parts
hawk is a hawk is a hawk
hawk is a paradigm for fiascos waiting to happen
hawk is flying
hawk is hammered in ploughshares action
hawk is on gba by nintendo64psx
hawk is the definition of gaming excellence by mickp
hawk is relatively easy
hawk is now 100% by chris pool date
hawk is 100% by chris pool date
hawk is a grouping of 14 sub
hawk is here
hawk is merely hawk
hawk is the smallest accipiter in north america
hawk is a large hawk
hawk is dying
hawk is in the water
hawk is lorado taft's symbolic statue of the chief that risen from the crest of a high bluff across rock river from the black
hawk is new head of custodial services
hawk is flying"
hawk is encouraged to step up onto the glove for food rewards
hawk is the center of his universe
hawk is done march 2002
hawk is an ess? if everyone except our mutant dove is using hawk
hawk is one of the three feathered rivals of prax
hawk is a high
hawk is young it is called a chick
hawk is not released from the mew until its old feathers have been cast off and the new ones are firmly in place
hawk is our mother
hawk is the first town you come to as you cross the wright memorial bridge onto the outer banks from the north
hawk is the army?s front
hawk is found year found in california and the eastern united states
hawk is located on the outer banks of north carolina
hawk is currently deployed supporting operation enduring freedom
hawk is a highly modified version of the army black hawk helicopter which features an upgraded communications and navigation suite that includes an
hawk is just 5 miles from downtown battle creek
hawk is made to work progressively harder for food
hawk is supplied as standard with dual 800 mhz p
hawk is an action/thriller starring julian lee as dragon pak
hawk is the largest and probably the best known species of hawk in our region
hawk is hand crafted with
hawk is well rounded
hawk is buto platypterus
hawk is a master of soaring and takes advantage of thermals and updrafts
hawk is located on a 10 acre site in the northeast corner of madison within a residential neighborhood
hawk is much like its close north american relatives; red
hawk is $5
hawk is an all new electric airplane that is great fun for beginners yet powerful and flexible enough to challenge
hawk is a light
hawk is the third novel set in catherine asaro’s skolian universe
hawk is number one
hawk is a treat you rarely stumble upon?an album from a local
hawk is in
hawk is 100 yards farther south on state
hawk is a new dark red kidney bean variety from michigan state university
hawk is
hawk is a small
hawk is an attempt to capitalize on the money that these films ? when done right ? can generate
hawk is found these small animals are most abundant
hawk is a woodland accipiter found in the pembina hills
hawk is one of the largest and most powerful of the hawks
hawk is said to? bate ? when she flutters off from the fist
hawk is sometimes identified by a dark band across its stomach
hawk is about 19
hawk is the graphical front end to the hawk project
hawk is rarely seen far from wetlands or water
hawk is a hawk is a hawk page 1 © copyright don c
hawk is by it's very distinctive call which sounds like keeerrrr
hawk is manned
hawk is the largest hawk in the world
hawk is about the same size as a crow
hawk is standing at a microphone
hawk is something of a mythic hero and is so named because "of the red hawk that always accompanies him
hawk is light underneath with dark streaks across the belly
hawk is a product of nature; its 'personality' is
hawk is that people are cutting down forests for firewood and furniture and paper

I especially like the bit about me being illegally shot, and responsible for failing grades all over...

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