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::sigh:: Jesus, it is both a very good day, and a very stressful day...make that week, on both counts. I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow, and I have not accomplished much at all compared to what I need to have done by now. So that means it's going to be a very long night. That pretty much covers the stress, and anyone who knows me well understands why that is plenty sufficient to make the entire week very stressful. Plus I can't wrap my mind around how the hell I'm going to handle all of my obligations, chronological AND financial, in the month of September.

But other than that, a lot of cool shit is going down in my world right now:

Jessica just moved out here, and is having the time of her life getting started at Bowling Green. Since I'm a non-trivial part of the reason she wound up there, that makes me feel better than I can really express. Additionally the fact that we are friends again, and stronger friends than before we went out, not weaker (much stronger, actually), makes me feel really good. And it also means I have another good friend locally, and that makes me even happier.

My good friend Chi-Chi from Stanford just arrived to start at U of M Law, and I'm getting together with her on Friday. Had a great chat with her last night. Been too long since I heard from her.

Corinna is in the US for the week, and I spoke briefly with her today, much more to follow tomorrow. I'm tremendously excited to talk with her.

Em called me (EM!) from London to invite me to her wedding. I hadn't heard from her in two years, and had no idea how to reach her, so I nearly shit. Very exciting. Again, I'll be talking more with her, soon.

I'm finally getting the reunion set up for October. Looks like we may actually be able to get it to happen. =) Though it's going to be tight to buy plane tickets on such short notice. ::winces::

I'm going to join the UoM Ballroom Dance Team next week, and try not to just fail completely.

And Sylvia continues to entertain me in the wee hours when I would otherwise be at my most despairing.

Last, and definitely least, I got Moonbase Commander, and it kicks my ass.

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