John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

I like my new roommates. I think we'll get along fine.

planiturthian: you know...we could grind the pieces for that mousetrap if I owned a Dremel.
bmagerko: yo
bmagerko: christ
planiturthian: =D
bmagerko: Dude, we could sell those to goth kids.
planiturthian: fuck goth kids. I'd be making 'em for me
bmagerko: I'm serious :-)
planiturthian: yeah, I know, that's what scares me
planiturthian: you were serious about the goddamn homeless guy, too
bmagerko: Well, I didn't suggest feeding a homeless guy to help make them.
bmagerko: um...
planiturthian: dear god
bmagerko: this is gonig to be a loooooong year.
planiturthian: for real

(The mousetrap in question is a mouse sized iron maiden with light springs, so you have to step on the trap to finish the job, with a cone on the front to amplify the sqeaking, incidentally...)

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