John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

Ugh. Moving sucks my life away. It has definite cool aspects, and it's exciting, but I have done NOTHING but move for the last WEEK. It's ridiculous. Moving into a new house is SO different from renting an apartment. You have to do all this random little shit. It never #)@*($ ends. On top of that, I hit a DEER on Saturday night, so I spent all day today dealing with getting my car to the auto shop and getting the rental from Enterprise. SOOOO much fun. Oh, yeah. Baby. Do it to me again. harder. yes, like that. oh god. oh god. ::rolls eyes:: Yeah. I like it. ::sigh:: Are you DONE yet!? JEEsus. On a somewhat more postiive note, my TV came today, although it took for frickin' EVER for the guy to come. Delivery scheduled between 11 and 1. Guy calls at EIGHT AM to get directions (?!?!) and then his first stop (I'm the second) takes him over four hours, I guess, because he finally shows up at 1:30 to deliver it. I doubt it was his fault, but I had to struggle to be civil. Friends would have recognized my shielded tone. ::grimaces:: New TV rocks, though. We spent an hour 'testing' Smash. good. ;) Looking forward to Sunshine MUCHO GRANDE! Yeeeah. so it's been two weeks since I lifted, not counting boxes and couches, and ugh...I've done NO WORK at all. I've barely been into the lab even except in the wee hours chatting with Sky, (time well spent, though, I daresay), and I have SO MUCH WORK that needs to happen like five days ago. It's just horrifying. As of tonight, though, I have a car, I have all the necessary pieces in my room to actually unpack (dresser and bookshelves). So I think I'm on the upward slope. God willing. I'll see you all in hell, or tomorrow. Or whatever.


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