John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

Whew...boy. THAT was a lot of work, and it's still not fully done. My sleep schedule is fucked up compared to anybody I can imagine except my friend Tom Bersano, who of course is unbeatable unless you are capable of forgoing sleep altogether (he sleeps for 15 minutes every four hours, so...hard to compete, there). Anyway, the result of all that is I have a new home, with four very cool guys. We haven't decided whether to call this sitcom "Four engineers and a gay bartender" or "Two DJ's, a musician, an actor, and a gay bartender" Either way, though, I've got some good solid episodes planned out. (Yeah, actor was generous, I know, but what am I supposed to call myself, there, 'that other guy'?)

New TV purchased, should arrive Monday. Excellent. Then I can move my gamecube into the house and hook up the DVD player and actually have home entertainment for the first time in 6 months. God I'm glad to get out of that place. ::shudders:: Any who can come visit me, should. We have a HUGE FUCKING HOUSE far enough north of Ann Arbor that looking out our front door (or anywhere, for that matter) you have an uninterrupted view for easily a mile. There are scattered houses, but at night you just see stars. It's fucking amazing. And so quiet I couldn't believe it. My new room is the crappiest one in the house, which means it's like twice as nice as my old one, has a nice big closet, and a gorgeous view of the sunrise (unfortunately) I'm not unpacked, but all my shit is at least in the room, so it's a start. I took the outside door chain off the otherwise-exitless-enormous-basement door, because, jesus, that's just creepy.

Pardo's moving in tomorrow, and Matt is moving in sometime this week, and then we're all there. Pardo's baby grand (baby? small, anyway) appeared in his room yesterday--apparently he has movers. I guess his couches and shit will arrive later. I'm hoping they arrive around Monday, so I can sit on the nice leather while I kill things on the GC.

Anyway, so, yeah. Pretty cool. You might have surmised, from my earlier sitcom rundown, that the quality of music present and playing in my house ALL THE FUCKING TIME, is of just unbelievably good quality. So cool. These guys run a fantastic show called the Beat Grinder a couple times a week, and they know their shit. I just bask in it, since I'm rather clueless, in the greater scheme of things. These guys play industrial, rap, punk, whatever, all over the board with the only unifying factor being that everything they play manages to be good. I can't really explain how cool this is, so I'll stop. I walked in to blasting old school Ray Charles (on a record, I might add). I almost cried in joy.

I'm going home soon, to try and take a nap. I plan to go to bed around 2 tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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