John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

MistaToad: hey whats red and hurts your teeth?
planiturthian: I went to bed at 8 AM today
planiturthian: bloody gums?
MistaToad: a brick
planiturthian: I liked my answer better
planiturthian: also book
MistaToad: liar
planiturthian: or 'street sign'
planiturthian: (::clang::)
planiturthian: stop sign? DOUBLE PUN! HAHAHAHA
MistaToad: street sign doesn't fit in yo muof.
planiturthian: you think not? hold still for a sex
planiturthian: 'cause I'm apparently about to fuck you with it?
planiturthian: sec
MistaToad: no.
planiturthian: SEX?!
MistaToad: no in either case
MistaToad: any case ever.
planiturthian: FUCK YOU WITH A STOP SIGN
MistaToad: no
MistaToad: no
MistaToad: no
planiturthian: this should really entertain me less
MistaToad: no
planiturthian: yes
MistaToad: no
planiturthian: here, hold this rubber ball for me, I need to tighten these straps
MistaToad: mmrrrmmmpff
planiturthian: shhhhh

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