John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

On the off chance anybody still reads my journal...

God's Debris is one of the coolest books I've ever read. It's by Scott Adams, the guy who created Dilbert. It is not intended to be funny. It is intended to be a major mindfuq. I highly recommend this book. It's about the size of a readers digest, with 132 pages and large print, so even you illiterate bitches out there can afford the time to have your momma read it to ya. Check this shit out.

Um...since I'm is good. I'm still madly in love with Jessica, and missing her terribly. The trip home was wonderful, and the trip to Kansas was just beyond words. My parents got us a nice hotel room in Kansas and enough miles to get a ticket for Jess to come visit me over spring break for X-mas. God damn I have cool parents. Research is finally starting to kick into gear. I actually got to write a useful program for my research yesterday. Tres exciting. (And in Python, no less. First opportunity I've had to really use it. God it's a cool language.) Taryn, Cameron, and I are looking for a place to live next year. We think we've found a faculty pad that looks really sweet for fairly low rent. 1.5 baths for four people, but we're sharing one bath among 3 right now and no complaints so far, so it looks good. The jam my grandfather gave me for X-mas came in the mail today...gooood shit.

And I have class in about 7.5 hours, so I better get my ass home and to sleep.

Peace out, home chickenzes

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