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John Hawkins

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Damn dude...

That was fucked up...And for the record: I'm not. I'm listening to the Sugarcubes, and apparently in their song Planet there is a sound like a phone ringing in the background. My appt HAS NO PHONES. (I've said it before and I'll say it again--I fucking HATE editing text in windows native programs. FEH!) So anyway, I'm listening (of course) on my Grado SR-80's (run don't walk to the nearest quality hi-fi place and snag a pair. best bank you've ever parted with) which allow you to hear the finest detail of your music, and so I heard this for the first time. Thing is, these earphones are open air, and it sounded exactly like my phone back home in Portland, so I kind of tripped out. My roommate's sleeping, and so I was like, "SHIT! I've got to go get that before he wakes up!" I had ripped off the phones, and was sitting there staring at my door for like a full three seconds before I realized I need to stop going to the Salvation Army when I'm shopping for my Crack. Whooboy.

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