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Is Hawk an ass? (Hint: lrf)

So I got a call yesterday from my mom's friend Sule, who works for Intel (all news to me) saying she's visiting Michigan to meet some people, and would love to make my acquaintance, after hearing so much about me. She's meeting with my advisor and a 'couple other people' and if I'm free they'd love to have me join them. Dandy. Never hurts to know more people, and a meeting at 11:30 points towards free fud. Count me in.


"Other people" is apparently Intel-speak for the top people in Michigan engineering, and a bunch of Intel Senior Managers. Read: eight people in business suits.

John's attire?: Week worn cargo's, a blue T, and a michigan fleece. Yeeeeaaaahhh. So then of course I'm invited to stay for lunch, and as Ty will attest, this has a tendency to overpower otherwise useful faculties for rational thought, so I happily agree, and more people in suits show up, and I'm even more of an ass by comparison, and we eat. And that's fun because I'm amongst talkative friendly people, and I get a business card. Woo! And then they bring brownies around, and I think I'm safe and about to leave, and then they want to do a group picture which I can't tell if I ought to be in, so I initially line up, but then somebody says something subtle and I step out of the way, but then they of course want to take another picture with me in it, and a special one of me and Sule, largely for my mother, I guess. Both of these pictures, the astute reader will have noted, trying to balance smiling winsomely with managing not to expose heinous quantities of brown tooth fuzz. Kill me? Anyone?]


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