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Holy Fucking Shit!!!

Okay, there is much bitching that could be done about the shitty day I had today, but instead I direct your attention to this, which just blows my fucking mind. All you need is a bunch of people with net drops, and you're gamin' cross country! Rich, Kris, Tav, etc, you in? Fuck yeah. I've got the 60 day trial right now, but I'll probably buy the real thing shortly. Damn and damn.

I just purchased the Traveller Edition boxed set. The setting gels perfectly with what I want, except for the concept of some magic or psionic system, and since the thing is 100% fucking customizable, I'll just add that when and if I feel it's relevant. !!!!! So who wants to play a fucking RPG from across the damn country? Takers? ::cackles gleefully:: AAAAHHHH!!! WHY WAS THIS NOT BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION SOONER!?!?!?!?!?

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