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Oh, yeah! Party!

Totally forgot to mention this, (and as Mike points out, it may bear non-trivially on the dream, since it's the first night since the event that I slept without a noteworthy blood alcohol level). On Saturday night we had a KICK ASS party at my house. There are 9 of us in the house. There were around 250 people at the party. Salsa theme party, and the salsa dance actually happened. So that kicked ass. And the police didn't shut us down until 2 AM. We went through 2.5 kegs, and 2 barrels of 'Cam-brew' (jungle juice), and assorted other alcohol. My suggestion of EANABS was shot down. ::sigh:: "If they're not drinking, fuck 'em" --Sumit

Raging cool time.

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