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Today... a Moulin Rouge soundtrack day. Oh, yes. Had a very strange dream. VERY strange. One of those long, winding dreams, where you wake up sometimes, think, "where the fuck am I?" and go back to sleep. I don't remember how it started, but in some order (there may be reversals in here, it's been hours since I woke up, so I'm a little foggy on details) I was asking a bunch of girls to go to prom with me, and really flirting VERY heavily at the same time. Like I'd be talking to a girl, and we'd be holding each other's elbows, and ALMOST kissing, and kind of turning our heads back and forth, so we were talking into each other's ears, only not quite, and every turn was a near miss of the lips, throughout which we would maintain intense eye contact (I'm getting shivers just RECALLING this). And each girl turned me down, but it was never a letdown, it was just part of the process. And then I realized that there were all these other girls who I had already asked. And I don't know if one, or all of them had accepted, but I felt nervous, or guilty, or something vague, as a result. (I think one of the people who had already said yes was Shannon (G.), though I don't think I ever actually talked to her (or 'you' as appropriate. ;)) in the dream. So that was just this wierd betrayal thing. And then for some reason I was talking to another girl, and things got even more intense than before, and...I really don't remember exactly why or how, I think there's a BIG gap here that I'm forgetting, like some elaborate conversation I had with her, but then I did something that was in violation of her desire to be with me, like she was wearing a waist tied night robe and nothing else and I wrapped my arms around her underneath that or something....not sure. Anyhow, then that became this thing where I was appologizing, and was trying to show my sincerity by paying for some major financial situation in her life, but I couldn't because I'm Poe, so I just wound up sounding like an ass. But then I realized that the whole financial conversation had been with a guy, so somewhere in there she shapeshifted, I guess. ::shrugs:: The part that's going to stay with me, though was that intense flirtation from the earlier part of the dream. Intense. Wow.

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