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Oh, don't think I mentioned here that I actually beat Nethack. Very exciting. I celebrated by deleting it from my machine at school. This seems to be a healthy decision. Time will tell. My semester's settling down. Looks like I'm taking just one class, grading another, and preparing to take BOTH quals in January (::screams::). Frightening shit. Neither the taken class nor the graded class have produced work yet, since the former is still covering shit I've seen nine times before (::yawn::) and the graded class doesn't have an assignment due 'til next week. Preparing for quals is therefore my focus. My study group is meeting for the first real time tomorrow to go over chapters 3 and 4 in R&N. Seems like the study group is very large. We may need to split it up. On the other hand, I feel bad excluding people, and having more people to do things like prepare chapters reduces the workload, so I'm torn. Oral quals are a constant frustration because I really have no idea what I'm doing, and that makes it very difficult to get motivated about doing 'it'. Whatever. I'll get there. I'm currently writing a 'motivations' paper to assess the problem I'm trying to solve. Hopefully that will make my goals more concrete. God damn but that would be a nice change.

Probably getting together with Jeff and Maz tonight for some games. Celebrated Brian's birthday a little last night. Kind of wish I'd stayed there instead of going over to Maz' place to hang out afterwards, just because it seemed like a fun gathering, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling all that social. ::shrugs::

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