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Sweet Christian Sacrifices!!!!!

Saving Silverman sucks BALLS!!! EASILY the worst movie ever made!!! AAAAHHHH! Why, god? WHY? I wasted 90 minutes of my life!! I know. I know. "I'd feel worse if you were doing anything marginally useful with it..." But for the love of whoever it is you love, man! Dear fecal suffocation!!!


I think I'm going to go work more on my letter to Corinna. Or maybe watch The Tao of Steve. At least I know thatdoesn't suck roach wanker. Today I actually started accomplishing something on my project. It may be the wrong thing, but I'm sick of spending all my time worrying about what the right thing to do is and thereby never actually doing anything at all. Besides this month's calendar page is Ignorance! "It's amazing how much easier it is for a team to work together when no one has any idea where they're going." Such wisdom. ::nods sagely:: And we played basketball in the rain today, which was SO COOL! I was soaking wet, and loving every minute of it. Oi. I'm out like the heartbeat of a dying little girl. Toodles!

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