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Full name: John Sumblin Hawkins (note the absence of any athon or ny)
Age: 23
Birthday: The Ides of March
Location: current? Ann Arbor, MI
Parents names: Tom & Wendy
Siblings names: Colin
Pets names: Colors and Fris
Describe your appearance: average height, slightly overweight, full beard, glasses, kinda big hair.


Most annoying person you know: Don't recall his last name, but his first name is Parikshit. I swear to all that is holy.
Most annoying celebrity: Dolly Parton. Folks, if you camp out overnight to be first in one line, it just means you have to go to the back of another one.
Most annoying TV character: Jimminy Glick. They could be using that slot to re-run Sports Night, eh?
Most annoying movie character: Pootie Tang, or whatever the fuck he's called
Most annoying song: It's not the song that does it. It's the artist.
Most annoying radio DJ: The woman who runs that talk show on NPR. I understand that she's still intelligent, witty, and it's not her fault that her voice is all fucked up. But do I have to endure it?
Most annoying sound: Sarah said chalkboards...not annoying, physically painful. Annoying is the fucking birds waking me in the morning because I had to open my window so it was cool enough to sleep in the first place.
Most annoying thing people do: I dunno. I'm probably the one doing it, I suppose...


Hottest actor/actress: Reese Witherspoon.
First person you ever thought was hot: Dana Feehan
Hottest person you've kissed: natural phenomena are better kissers than you might think.
Hottest person you've gone out with: I have never in my life had a formal relationship. How fucked up is that? "This is my girlfriend." That would be nice to say. Ever.

Which of your friends

Drinks the most: mmmm...used to be Adam...these days I have no idea...Ph.D. students are not heavy drinkers, generally...
Gets the most "action": My brother
Is the worst driver: Amy, sorry babe. 'course she's probably improved by now...
Do you wish you could be for a day: Salerno. Though not a day during this particular summer, poor bastard.
Is the smartest: Keg
Is the most athletic: Lauren.
Would be the first to get married: Brian
Has horrible luck with the opposite sex: Lauren

Booze Q's (Booze Q's? That's dumb...)

Last time you drank but didn't get drunk: ummm...playing Cosmic yesterday?
Last time you drank and got totally wasted: Hmmm...depends on what qualifies.
Have you ever puked from drinking too much: Yes, but it was usually deliberate. I hate feeling nauseous.
Have you ever passed out from drinking too much: No
Does your personality totally change when your drunk: I get very gushy with my friends.
Have you ever gotten drunk and hooked up with someone: Oh yeah.
Have you ever done something when drunk that got you in a lot of trouble:, I think that's a negatory.
Have your parents ever seen you drunk: Not DRUNK drunk.

Funny Stuff

Funniest person you know: My brother.
Funniest movie: Tommy Boy.
Funniest TV show: South Park
Funniest song: The Divorce Song, by Stephen Lynch
Funniest celebrity: Mathew Perry
Funniest photo you have: The peein' in the tub baby photo.
Funniest thing that ever happened to you: I think I'm gonna go with the nerf gun incident...
Funniest sound: "BWAH!"


Best music genre: Swing
Worst music genre: Country
Best CD ever made: The Downward Spiral
Worst CD ever made: I'm proud to say I have no opinion.
Most overplayed song: What Child is This. Greensleeves isn't good enough for you?
Song that should be played more: Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle Fucker.

What's your opinion on

Abortion: Your body. Your choice. That applies even if I'm the father, god forbid.
Death penalty: never ok, certainly not as a 'deterrent' or a 'punishment'
"Reality" TV shows: I have too much time
Britney Spears: I've probably fantasized about her at some point, but believe me, the mute switch was in the operative position.
Napster: I fully support the idea, but I've actually never used it.
Movie nudity: this is an issue? Raise your hand if you are opposed to both nudity in movies and the church of LDS? That's what I thought.

Have/Would your parents let you

Get something pierced other than your ears: I have no interest in it, but my parents let my brother do it.
Get a tattoo: Sure, but I'm too fickle to ever settle on anything I'd like for the next year, much less all of them.
Dye your hair an unnatural color: I like the natural color.
Stay home from school if you didn't feel good even if you looked OK and didn't think you were gonna puke: My parents would let me, certainly. I don't think I ever did that in HS...definitely did it plenty in College, though.
Eat whatever you want, whenever you want: That's how I maintain this svelte, manly figure...
Be in charge of the house for a weekend: Um...yeah...?
Go out and get drunk: I'm 20-frickin-3
Use swear words in the house: My brother shattered that taboo. My mother still gets annoyed by the word 'whore', but we're softening her up.

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