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I don't know what it's about, and I don't care. My roommate has a book lying around called The God That Sucked, and it just amuses me to no end. Just felt like sharing. =)

I just went for a pussy ass little run. But on the other hand, I went for a run. Yay me! Now I think I'm going to try to read some more on my comparative religion studies. And then maybe tonight Sports Night will be on again...we can only hope. Tomorrow I have basketball, and possibly Cosmic. Wednesday, I have Final Fantasy with the lab (counts as work! my job rules!) and then Gauntlet with Brad (probably). It's shaping up to be a good week. Oh, and I got the battery stuff from Dell. My office mate was correct, I get 2 good ones to replace the 1 bad one! Yay!

I have made a miraculous discovery! If you delete a post with ESC, CTRL-Z will bring it back!!! BOW BEFORE MY BRILLIANCE!!! This might not always work, and I'm unlikely to try deliberate experimentation, but be aware, it could save your entry!!

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