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It's been a very bad couple of minutes (in an otherwise lovely day...)

First I had a very unsatisfying conversation with an acquaintance online. They were (unbeknownst to me) about to get offline, very unhappy, and probably not thrilled to be talking to me about it. But my typical lighthearted tone and dark sense of humor lept to the fore and so I started with my tongue firmly lodged in my cheek, and finished by trading foot for tongue and mouth for cheek. Fuck. So having failed to be much of a friend, and accomplished more harm than good, I initiated a post to LJ to bitch about my own ass-like qualities. Then the power went down for like 3 seconds, obliterating my entry...::sigh:: Wonderful. Now maybe I can expect the ceiling to cave on my head under the weight of a giant pile of fresh human fecal matter.

On the plus side, all this was immediately preceded by a personal response from Dan Barker, about which I was totally stoked, and sax offering to join me in my reading project, which makes it a lot more likely I'll be able to see it through. And as I posted earlier, my advisor rules.

Now I'm going to go write an email to Van Lent and ask him if he has any advice on action modeling in Soar and in the world at large. Hope current reading list on the topic sucks balls.

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