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Bugs and depression

There's this bug in either LJ or IE, not sure which, but probably IE, that does wierd things when I hit back on the browser. For some reason, IE retains a memory image of a particular point in the past. Why, I'm not sure. The result is that when I initially load, or re-load, my LJ friends page, it comes up fine. But if I follow a link, and then click back, it goes to that stored image from some point in the past. I can reset the "image" by burning out my temporary internet files and history, but it doesn't solve the problem, I just get a more recent "image". On my work computer, I never think to purge my internet backlog (it gets big on my home machine...), so for the past couple weeks I've been looking at the same day's posts whenever I hit back.

The thing is that one of the top posts from the image set is Gab's post about "Is it worth my time?" And so even when she's having a good day, I still keep wanting to rush out to FL and give her a big hug to make it all better. :-( Gah.

Damn bug.

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