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Sports Night

So life is good, the last week. Totally chill, for the most part. I've been staying up late to catch Sports Night, because I'm a sad, sad sack of man, but I'm okay with that, and it's given me time to play a lot of Twisted Metal. ;) And Gordon has finally bowed out, so Casey is back in the game, which means it's all been worthwhile. =)

And work is going well. Slower than I'd like, but I feel like I'm learning and making slow progress. I still suck at focusing, but I'm getting better...(?) Well, I hope so. I went to the Chia grill tonight, which was cool. Basically it was me hanging out with strangers drinking beer and eating sausage. But it was more fun than that probably sounds. :) I've been reading Dan Barker's book, Losing Faith in Faith, which is just incredibly cool. I finally feel like I'm getting some inkling of what it's like to be a believer. Barker is able to explain things in ways few other people ever could, because he's been in the center of both sides of the game. Kind of like my dance teacher in college who could communicate so amazingly with the techies because he'd started out as an M.E. Or, well, opposite, but still very cool. =) Finally someone who can explain not just why atheism makes sense, but why it's so hard for atheists and theists to hold meaningful dialogues about it. I spent a lot of the last two workdays reading instead of working as a result. Fascinating stuff.

Other than that, I have little to report, so I'll see you all in Roman hell.

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