John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

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I demand to be entertained!! You lousy bastards! GabiLady, NotAPokemon, Frogman, SmallAsianGirl, FRONT AND CENTER! BE AMUSING. ::grumbles irritably:: Bah. Played some Cosmic and TM: B with the guys tonight...felt oddly unfulfilling...I think because nobody else was really into it. Well, Jeff was into Cosmic, but two players do not a game make. Playing basketball tomorrow afternoon, hopefully. Hmm...maybe I'll call one of my friends and harrass them. The idea has some promise... I could also read Russell. I finished Flatterland this morning...'twas not bad. I could play more TM: B, but I think I'd just wind up feeling even more not fulfilled...or I could watch some TV...bleh...y'all suck. The lot o' ya.

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