John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

A'ight...Fixed my journal and friends page so that people commenting there can really feel like they're making a difference. Pity you can't set up your friends page to show each post in the style of the poster, or something. I know other people make cool modifications that I never get to see unless I go to their main journal page, which is rare. Played Robo-rally today at lunch. Won. Yay. =) You see I've forgotten if they're green or if they're blue. ::ahem...:: Where was I? Oh, my old friend Jolene Searles emailed me today out of the blue. That was damn cool. Unfortunately we were never really in good touch after about the time middle school started. I always regretted that. She was one of my good friends back in elementary school, and she always cracks me up. So it was cool to hear from her. She's doing currency trading for Wells Fargo. Craziness. In other news, I think maybe I'll attempt to get some work done now. ::glares darkly at theatrically gasping audience:: Fuck the lot of you, anyway.

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