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John Hawkins

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so I went to rent a movie tonight, and noticed that Twisted Metal Dark just hit the shelves. So I picked up the latest Julia Stiles flick (I have the hots for that woman...) and TMD. And DAMN! I'll be purchasing that thing after church tomorrow (church is next door to Best Buy, conveniently enough...) GO BUY THIS GAME!!!! SO FUCKING COOL. And the best thing about it is it's easily dark enough to deserve the 'M' rating. The first level takes place in this giant junkyard, like the first level in TM4, only on crack cocaine. Ignoring the issues of graphics and sound being from an entirely different universe, much less planet, the fact is the game is just cool. There are innocent junkyard workers and gang members and shit running all over the place trying to figure out why they are suddenly in vietnam, circa 1978. And you can shoot them, mow them down, or whatever. That's their sole raison d'etre! Tread grease! And it's FOUR IN THE MORNING!!!! I HAVE CHURCH SO FUCKING SOON!!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!

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