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well, I came in today with good intentions of getting some work done on my Saturday. And then I figured after I got in, that it wouldn't be a big deal if I played one (one) game of Nethack first. Well, the first character died about fifteen seconds in, so I started a second. Yeah. Fine so far...under normal circumstances. Unfortunately...

Yves was truly a ninja among ninja. I'd still be playing, except having never gone on the quest before, I didn't know that the gentleman guarding the quest artifact for the Samurai could teleport aggressively...hmmm...

So I got bisected. : ^( Poor Yves. I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight. ::sniffles::

------------NETHACK GEEK INTERLUDE------------
When he died, Yves had Fire Brand (and like 37 other artifacts...), though it was in DIRE need of rust-proofing. He was wearing GDSM, elven boots (blah) a simple cloak, and a wussy helmet. But you can go a long way with GDSM and Fire Brand (yeah, I'd rather have frost, but I was out of food...couldn't camp on the altar any more...). The coup de grace was the non-standard addition of both an amulet of ESP (I'd already used my life-saving...shit) and a shield of reflection! I had a blessed unicorn horn, a stethoscope, a blessed Bag of Holding, I'd raided the bottom of Gnometown, I had quaffed 3 blessed potions of gain ability and boffed about 90 succubi. Had a bad case of teleportitis, and got jacked trying to 'fix' the problem by cursed-genociding tengus. 30+ rings, not a one of them was control (either flavor...) I had ID's tons of stuff, and I was carrying a depleted blessed magic marker (lots and lots of scrolls of ID, you see...still hadn't found a fucking SoC...) I had about a metric tone of precious stones, and I was lugging around a cockatrice figurine for when I finally got some decent gloves on my paws. All in all a damn fine character. I lost him to a fluke. Pissed me off some kinda bad.

So that was my WHOLE DAY. I don't regret that, but it makes me feel...odd... Right before I initiated that whole fiasco, though, I went to the Jerusalem Gardens for the first time. DAMN. That was some tasty Falafel. Oh, hell yeah. They'll be seeing me again. Boy Howdy. That's TWO PLACES now for phenomenal middle eastern/mediterranean food! BOTH within easy driving or biking distance of work. I'm a happy clam, indeed. Now I need dinner, and then...well, probably then I'll sleep. I have church in 12 hours, after all...

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