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John Hawkins

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finally I had a good couple of days. Tuesday and Wednesday were too busy blowing goats to be good days, but Thursday was good (save for feeling like an ass about missing that meeting...gah...) and today was downright productive. I think I'll come in at least one day this weekend, though...didn't get done all the things I'd hoped today. So much code to try to understand...

I'm going to try to connect with my friend Bart, and go out or something...failing that, I might come back in and work more. Either way, though, I think I need dinner is high on the list, here...and I should water my roommate's plants.


I think I need to ask someone some more questions about doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Then again, I maybe should ought to learn more by trial and error. I'm really bad about that......bother.....

I have no real interesting news, other than life has been very simple this week. But I'm happy...

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