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So I got in today and my computer was frozen, so I rebooted to the tune of the error message:

"Alert! System fan not found!"

And for some reason (related, I suspect, to the fan, not the keyboard), there was an unexplained keyboard error. So I plugged in my PS/2, and coerced the system to boot. But at this point I noticed that in fact the system fan, which had been REALLY LOUD last week, to the point where it was distracting my office-mates, is now really really quiet. Riiiight. That's a good thing, yes? ::sigh:: Flatterland is profoundly cool. Though I still can't fathom why it is that you can put four fractal snowflakes together to get one thrice as large... HOLY CRAP!!!! I just GOT IT! it's just cool. :) And I like George Smith's book enough that I might pick up his more famous one...

Hwoof. Back to learning Tcl. Wish me luck. Oh, and for those who care:

GCC 3.0 CAME OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

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