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Got up at 1 today. Felt damn good. Been cheating myself in that dept. lately. Just finished reading Douglas Kroeger's book. Very educational. Next up? "Flatterland" No, Ryan, I'm not dissing you. I was at the bookstore for random reasons, and couldn't remember the books you'd recommended off the top of my head, so I got these instead. ...Eh...who am I fooling? Fuck you, salerno. And your little dog, too. ::dusts off hands with an air of accomplisment:: Let's see...what else... Talked to Charlie Timpy 'couple days ago. That was pretty odd. Nice to chat with her though. Had the AI picnic yesterday, during which it was nice and sunny out (dank, but sunny...michigan for ya...). Immediately after the picnic, god descended to earth and started turning people into pillars of salt. In the media this is referred to by the clever phrase "T-Storm warning in all counties of southeast Michigan." Sweet Satan on Earth. So I stayed in and finished my book and played some WWP. Kind of boring for a Friday, but I was in kind of a sedentary mood, so that was okay. I would have rather gone to see Tomb Raider, but that didn't pan out. Looks like I'm probably going out to see some live jazz tonight. Should be good. And I've got church tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to...(damn strange to say that, 'specially after reading Kroeger, but it's true...)

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