April 9th, 2001


Uppers for the day!

Well, I'm kind of bummed that I have so much trouble focusing on my actual work, but two big plusses for today:

a) I finally listened to the mix CD's my roommate made for me (and other people) about two months ago, and they frickin' ROCK. God bless free music. But God especially bless free kick ass music. :)

b) It looks like I'm about to be a contributor to an open source piece of code for the first time in my life: my intro to viper for emacs users is about to be added to the viper manual. I'm uberstoked. Such a small thing, but it makes me feel so fucking cool. You must just be riding high 24/7, brad, I gotta say. First time someone writes me to tell me they tried the thing, I'll probably just shit myself right there.
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