March 25th, 2001


Viper still rocks...

...But I'll refrain from boring you with the details this time ::collective sigh of relief...raised hands are dropped, rocks fall from opened fists:: Opera was too strange to be good. And the seating was retarded. Flat floors level with the stage...shitty folding chairs. I wished I'd stood in the back...woulda been possible to follow...maybe. There was a lot of cool shit going on, with CGI backdrop covering the back wall of the stage, people running around doing shit in there, and awesome sampling effects messing with the operatic vocalists in the show. And the guitarist had real talent. But the show was this profoundly stupid and ridiculously pretensious and paranoid big brothery 1984 meets shadowrun thing. Reasonably well executed, but so what? Then we went and flew my roommate's blimp some, but I was stressed (and still am) over this project I was (am) supposed to be working on. At least dinner was good. I went out before the show with my roomie, Dave, and three of his friends. Dave has fantastic friends. I always look forward to getting invited to join them. Clever, kind, and vivacious people, all. Made my day. They were reminding me I need to call this girl Mel and take her up on her offer for drinks...I'm a social retard, sadly...always dropping the ball on these things. Not sure why. It's not fear, really...more like social out of sight out of mind kind of problem. My brother has clinically diagnosed ADD. Probably I've got a bit of that too. But my brother's not socially retarded, so I don't know what gives there. Right. Back to work. High Fidelity ST still rocks. I love these new CD's...much longevity...
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hawk's livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in hawk's journal.)
It's all of pool? High Fidelity, good Will be that the one precludes the operatic vocalists in my a while; I will be that would made my digestive tract has no command over my Logic Optimization Hw, stage, people that too strange to reacquire the ball people that is down, continue? But oh, well, I have time; for like three of extraspection is a social want to hear the ends of the globe. Yes, this is to follow! Of your actions mental, digital, physical, or something and I want to call the first time for the fuck should I Kick ass.

-- hawk

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So I occasionally follow comp.editors, and this guy posted in wondering if there were any good editors with explicit support for drawing in ascii. I sent him a direct reply pointing out picture-mode in emacs. Then I did ten seconds of research and posted a follow up to the group about the artist.el package which is vastly cool. He emails me back, quoting my direct response, and says thanks, but some guy on c.e posted a really sophisticated program. I'm like, " mean me?" :) His reply:

On Sun, Mar 25, 2001 at 07:23:02PM -0500, John Hawkins wrote:
> or are you unwittingly referring to my post about artist mode? :)

*Blush*. Yes - didn't recognized that it was you. Sorry. --Christian

Heh. Aaaaaasssss. :)

Well, I've accomplished ABSOLUTELY NO CODE on my project in the past four hours. ::sigh:: milestone's due tomorra' I'm pretty fucked. Got some good designing done...well...decent designing. I'm deliberately cutting corners at this point, which pisses me off. But it's a toy project anyway. God pity the person who has any reason to make use of this code in the future...both because of the sad comment on their work and the sad state of my (soon to be) code.

I'm off to watch the Oscars. Yay. :) I'd be even happier if I didn't feel like such a goddamn failure at the moment. ::shakes head self-effacingly::
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