March 22nd, 2001



Well, I've been less than successful at comprehending my homework tonight. Irritating. I hate going to sleep with a problem undone. I just wrote down bullshit...

On a more positive note, I had a pleasant chat with angelicdestiny and a friend of mine made the wise choice to reacquire the nethack habit for an evening, so I amused myself by offering him pointers. It was a nice compromise. I was able to work AND think about nethack. Usually the one precludes the other and vice versa.

So the evening wasn't a total loss.

Largely though. :o\

At least my afternoon was cool. My calendar came in the mail today, along with a copy of _The Hacker Ethic_. Just started it, but looks to be a good read. Very cool. I need to find other joys in my life besides acquisition. :o|

Hosting Getoor tomorra'...must sleep.

Good night all
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