March 20th, 2001


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Heh. :) Failed to work on my hw tonight. :) Bart called and said, "surely you have time for a game of pool?" Of course. :) I sucked ass, but at least I didn't accomplish anything useful. Now THAT would have been bad.


Bleh. I think my digestive tract has finally decided to take action against me in retalliation for my poor sleep habits. Much unhappiness within. On a more positive note, though, I finally got a full ticket for the luncheon on Thursday. I will not look like an ass! Hurrah! Well...okay, granted, but not MUCH of an ass...

Maybe just one cheek.

I'm going to go home and take a nap. I'm going out for Ethiopian food t'night with a bunch of friends, and in my present state I will not be ideal company. :(

"John, when you've finished vomiting and breaking wind, do you think you could pass the salt? Thanks."
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Oof. :)

I ate a great deal of ethiopian cuisine tonight. Whoaboy. And then I had a little bit of Ben and Jerry's. I'm happy, but there's some serious burpage goin' on here. Now I have to go work on my assignment. Downer. Oh, well. At least this time I don't have to read the paper for class...already read it twice...

::dies spontaneously of bloated satiation::
You are having trouble getting it all down, continue? [y/n] y
You choke over your food and die -more-
Would you like to see what you were carrying when you died? [ynq]
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