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Implementation Initiated

Here I sit. 9:20, but that doesn't count the trip to get coffee, so I'm happy with myself.

Now for Day 1, Phase 2: Get shit accomplished. Following will be a somewhat technical TODO list. Feel free to ignore agressively:


1. Check to see if information on action modeling is now available. If so re-plan.

2. Otherwise, find a good resource on Tcl/Tk. Preferrably soft-copy. (Note: Just remembered I have a book with a chapter on Tcl...probably good enough for now. Yay...)

3. Identify the major functions for communication of sensor/actuator trees with Soar within TankSoar code.

4. In light of these functions, consider the process of observing results of random actions, and what sort of processing will be necessary 'twixt Tcl and C++, and what sort of analysis will make sense.

5. Think really hard about action modeling in the absence of any real information. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

"It's all over the front page...You give me road rage..." I fucking love this song.

Rights.....outage for me

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