John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins

  • Mood: goddamn policy

From now on, I will get to work by 9 AM. Permanently, until there is reason to pursue a new policy. That means I will have to start sleeping around 1 AM or earlier. Fine. I'm sick of this shit. I keep getting in when everyone else is already clearing out, and I think that contributes to my general lethargy.

In other news, Catatonia continues to kick ass. I think I'm buying these albums. Good shit. For those of you with the means to download tracks (e.g. Napster), check out

Catatonia -- Road Rage


Catatonia -- Mulder and Sculley.

Brilliant stuff. Kind of Bjork-like, but far less crack-happy and more mainstream.

I had to buy a new parking permit today. Mine had expired, unbeknownst to me, a month ago. So I incurred $50 in tickets last week. Fuckers. I'm all set up now, though. Thank god. I was so not amused. Good news is the permit system for next year is totally revamped, and much more reasonable. I can park in more places by literally an order of magnitude, and the pass lasts a calendar year, instead of just an academic year (the reason I didn't realize the fucking thing had expired...) Granted, I'm paying half again as much for the permit, but since I'll probably save about $150 or so in tickets next year as a result, that's a small price to pay.

Yeah, so I'm clearly accomplishing a lot here...::sigh::...I'm going home. I'm so lame. 9 AM tomorrow, and whip to the back. I'll get something fucking accomplished if it kills me.

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