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came today. What's odd is I've been so thoroughly enjoying Gauntlet that I wasn't nearly as excited about it as I thought I'd be. Probably a side effect of having to wait EIGHT MONTHS for the damn thing. My excitement was so gradually replaced with anger that I never even noticed it had happened. ::sigh:: Still a very cool game, though. And since they'll be putting rankings and such into the online community again soon, I should get a lot more life out of it. But the reality is WWP is here, and I'm still more excited about In Nomine and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Shocking.

Church yesterday was good. It was different than I'd expected, because it wasn't an actual service, with the sermon and suchlike that would imply. Rather, I showed up for the annual 'Coming of Age' ceremony, which maybe is roughly parallel to 'Confirmation' in theistic churches. Basically each eighth grader has spent a year in religious education with a mentor and this has culminated in a personal "credo" (is that redundant?). They each read their credo aloud to the congregation, and become partial members of the church, with voting rights and such. An odd way to start my exposure to the community, but it was actually kind of a neat beginning, because it gave me some insight into what the common beliefs and ideas within the church were. Most importantly, I think, I found nothing to indicate that I would be uncomfortable in this setting. And I really think it would contribute some positive things to my life, so I think I'll keep going. At the very least I'll finish out the month I promised myself I'd commit too, but my initial impression is that this might well be settling out as a long term affair. I'll keep you posted.

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