John Hawkins (hawk) wrote,
John Hawkins


Damnit. Gauntlet is not as easy as the first two worlds might lead you to believe. Sweet Lord I just got raped. 76 health, and meat so close I could taste it. What do I do? Gee...I wonder what's inside this barrell here? ::whack:: Well if it isn't red death! How do you ACK! ::gurgle:: stop ... sucking ... lifeforce ... dear ..go-- ::shakes head in disgust::

Today was uneventful, but pleasant. Hung out with Bart and Liz and Stacie tonight. I think Liz has ceased to be upset with me for betraying her last week. :)

Need to do laundry tomorrow. (Yeah, I know I said that already. Fuck you, anyway.)

In Nomine hardback came today. I'm pissed, though because my original copy is in full color, with lovely illustrations throughout. But it's horribly filled with errors. Really LOTS of them. It's very annoying. The hardbound is very close to error free, and hardbound (duh), but it is in black and white. That kinda chaps my hide. I'll go with the hardbound, of course, shocking no one who knows my obsession with accuracy. But #@()*$ #$)(@ @#$)*, if you know what I mean.

Discovered that there's a great take out Indian place RIGHT NEXT DOOR that I never noticed because except for the dinner hours, it's just an indian grocery, so I've never been in. Kinda frustrating, 'cause I'm moving a ways away in a couple months. But at least for the rest of the summer I have a new cheap option for damn tasty dinners (for like $5 a head after tax!!!) And also there's a new chinese place in the same little center. Counting the adjacent pizza place, that's 3 excellent options for meals, all under $6, and all close enough that I can quite literally open my window and hit them with a rock without even trying hard...I...uh...suspect...And across the street, there's a place that serves authentic philly cheesesteaks. I really wish the house was here, and this was where I was moving to, instead of from. I love the house, but this location seems better every week....::sighs::

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